This is going to be different from what some of you who knew me will expect. Don’t be shocked…just be mildly surprised; then go on and enjoy yourself.

This is the aim of this blog –  A departure from what you will normally associate with me.

A mix of everything for your reading delight.

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Hopefully, you will get a better grasp of why this is so different.


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  1. Bgee says:

    A totally engaging masterpiece…a volcano patiently waiting to erupt. Applause!!!

  2. you have an awesome blog…i enjoyed your posts..do check out mine.. http://www.dasweetestgalleva.wordpress.com

    • Hey, Thank You very much. I appreciate you going through them…more the fact they weren’t a complete waste of time.

      I have checked out ur posts too…The Elizabeth story is my first with u…hehehe.

      Nice going.

  3. Yakis says:

    Hommes, I see you! Nice one!

  4. Thanks @Yakisnoni

  5. Duppy dee! says:

    Shai about Eggshell; We are talking about 1986 in Nigeria so Biodun couldn’t have had a Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Asha phones and the laptop could have been something like a big yet uncommon desktop. Then pls let the Intelligence part be relevant to that era and have it in mind that all the intelligence stuff couldn’t be as fast as it would be now with the internet, better thechnology etc. I hope u get my point?
    Good work sir and I truly hope to see where the story leads.

  6. Nice points….about the phones. But, I will leave it be. Will talk to u priv8ly on why that happened like that. U got good eyes tho….

  7. Datoks says:

    Nice job

  8. Anita says:

    Pls do notify me of a new post,this sounds interesting a little bit

  9. Hello @Anita I’d love that very much. Thanks for coming here…cheers.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. shughar says:

    hey love………… i nominated you for a Liebster award…… Kindly see it here http://wp.me/p4FoqC-aA………….. please, pay it forward

  12. Chichirp says:

    Extremely different and unexpected!!!

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